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Genuine Reception Services

The Genuine Dining Co is dedicated to providing a professional level of service to our clients. We are a dynamic team who understand our customers’ needs, and we strive to provide a level of flexibility to satisfy our clients’ expectations, whilst endeavouring to achieve the highest level of service required for our clienteles.

We listen to what it is that you wish to deliver and we then build a package for you so the service fits in with your company ethos. We are dedicated to delivering a fashionable and impeccable first impression for our clients.

Within the management of our services at Genuine Reception services, we can provide the following amenities to our clients:

Genuine Reception Services


Dedicated to an exceptional level of service our team will represent your organisation and brand values to the highest standard, ensuring the customer’s experience is one that is more than satisfactory. Our team has previous experience within customer facing environments so the knowledge is fresh and present to ensure that this professional, outstanding service is achieved entirely throughout the business.

Genuine Reception Services

Post Services

Our team understands the frustration of waiting for important documents, or signed contracts to be delivered. So at GRS we ensure the process is slick, and runs as smoothly as possible. We will make sure that our team and all of the service staff are cross trained so that they are able to carry out all duties in the Post Room/Switchboard areas, whilst all completing the same training courses to achieve this level of service.

Genuine Reception Services

Call Services

Our team at GRS provide an outstanding operational service. We understand our customers have varied requirements, so we set out to deliver a professional, knowledgeable response to all clients’ queries to ensure no question is left unanswered. We aim to highlight a warm, welcoming service whilst conveying the friendly tone that GRS team delivers to all of our customers, to ensure the client feels part of the organisation.