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Our aim is to deliver

How We Roll

The Genuine Dining Co. are a team of motivated, passionate and fashionable foodies; we have fun and enjoy everything we do, only engaging with companies that we are 100% excited about.

We deliver fresh, seasonal, imaginatively created and beautifully presented food to a vast array of businesses across the UK from Film Studios and Media Companies, to Law Firms and Banks.

We endeavour to create an environment which will become a place where people want to ‘eat, meet and be seen in’, where customers come to enjoy fantastic coffee and cake, or a ‘first class’ meal.

The best people

Serving the best food

Having the most fun

We are committed to making a difference to each of the catering establishments we run by delivering a bespoke and consistent offer, ensuring that our managers and teams are trained to the highest standards, enabling them to deliver the best service to our partners.

As 2014’s winners of ‘Best Innovation Award’ at the prestigious Foodservice Catey Awards, no foodservice would be a true ‘Genuine Café or Restaurant’ without an injection of our cutting edge innovation!