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Our Food

Our vision is to bring our passion for the best quality food to the table, so that we can enthuse, educate and share this passion with our customers and clients.

Perhaps the most important element of this is our provenance: good food absolutely must come from a good source – this is, after all, what gives it its quality.

We can trace our products back to source and this is something that we are truly proud of! We take great care in finding the best, most worthy suppliers as near to us as possible. Not only does this reduce our carbon food-print, it means we support local farmers and British produce.

We strive to keep ourselves local, and in doing so deliver not just brilliant quality, but also great value. Our chefs are always scouring the markets for new and exciting produce and ideas, which they develop into original culinary ideas. Our farmers are fanatical about what they do, and we know from experience that this means our customers experience better quality.

I like to think our food is the best out there, it should be. We are a team of passionate foodies who all love what we do and invest a lot of time creating new and exciting menus.

Chris Mitchell, Managing Director

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